Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fuel Oil Transfer Pump

Know the Different Type of Fuel Oil Transfer Pump

Ever wonder how vehicles, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses, travel from different places? This is because vehicles are made of special parts that help them travel from a certain area to another. These different parts should work together because if one of them does not function well it will not run. One of the essential components that a vehicle must have is the fuel oil transfer pump that is responsible in distributing fuels from the engine to other parts of the vehicle.

During the early years, most of the vehicles did not use a fuel oil transfer pump, but since technology has improved the machines that we have right now especially the engines of the vehicles use have also been modernized.

The very first type of fuel oil transfer pump is the mechanical pump. Before the electric pump was developed, we all have been amazed by the functions of the mechanical type of fuel pump. Most of the mechanical fuel pumps are known as diaphragm pumps, which use rubber, thermoplastic, and check valves in order to pump the fluid into the carburetor. However, as time passed the mechanical pump was replaced by the more modernized fuel oil transfer pump which is the electric fuel pump. This type of fuel pump, which is what most of modern cars use, is placed inside the fuel tank. It works by creating positive pressure into the fuel lines that pushes the gasoline into the engine. By placing the electric pump into fuel tank it will lessen the risk of starting a fire. The benefit of an electric fuel pump is more than the mechanical pump can give that is why more are using this kind  fuel oil transfer pump nowadays.

If you are still using an old model vehicle that still uses the mechanical pump, it is advisable to convert it into the more convenient and safer use of electric pump.